Tuesday, September 11, 2012


today there was a bite in the air which means sweaters and picking out pumpkins i won’t ever carve but mostly it means nanowrimo.

almost one year ago i completed 50000k of a novel, and then used the motivation and happy thoughts to finish out the project at a grand total of 89293 words by january. then i sat around patting myself on the back for a month or two. then i did nothing for AGES, because guess what, i wrote a novel and i rule and oh my goodness hurray.

then i went to maine and found out that the way i described the setting was all inaccurate, and that i used the word “eyes” like 3000 times, and that i needed to go back in and add another lobster boat. (yes, this is essential, okay, gosh.) so there’s that, which hasn’t actually happened because i am lazy and because NANOWRIMO OKAY I AM TOO BUSY THINKING ABOUT THINGS TO EDIT OLD NOVELS GEEZE.

so yeah, i will do that eventually. hopefully before november rolls around, because i want to dedicate all of my time to nano. i already have my basic idea for this years story and have begun outlining, see.
can someone please be excited with me? pleaseee?

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