Saturday, January 21, 2012

Go for China

I want to make waves.
The good kind of waves, whatever that means.

I have enjoyed mild to moderate success in my career as a writer. More than many people will ever get the chance to have, and I am grateful for every moment. It's truly unbelievable and amazing and a whole lot of other adjectives that I haven't decided upon yet. Guys, people write their AP English essays on my poems. Artists have painted portraits of me. A few weeks ago, a ton of talented people designed faux book covers for a novel I haven't even finished writing.

by the talented oxygenanddreams

(Also, maybe it's just me, but whenever I click to find more about the people who have found me, they're all really attractive. What is up with that? I feel like I have the most beautiful people interacting with me. It's pretty gratifying. So, uh, yeah. You guys are lookin' good.)

When I started posting my writing online, I didn't know what I wanted to get out of it. I didn't know what would happen, but I am so, so glad that things have happened this way. It just makes me want to be even better. Push farther. Write more entries that sound like they were sponsored by Hallmark.

Goddamnit guys, I'm going to make waves because of you. These ripples are good, but I want to show you what I am capable of. You're going to hear about me, I promise.

I figure, if you're already digging the hole to see how deep you can make it, why not go for China? Um, physical impossibilities aside.