Friday, June 29, 2012

wouldn't it be sad

i used to play this game called “wouldn’t it be sad.”
here is how you play:
1. wait until there is complete an utter silence, such as while someone is trying to sleep or while there is a lull in dinnertime conversation with your coworkers.
2. think of something really sad. like if a bomb went off or you contracted some sort of flesh-eating virus.
3. say, “wouldn’t it be sad if ___(insert sad thing here)_____.”
i stopped playing this game because there is no way to win or lose.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

highlights of my trip to maine

1. being stuck right off the bridge to mount desert island for six hours in the fading light.
2. visiting cadillac mountain.
3. thunder hole and sand beach.
4. learning how to tell a lobster boat from a sloop from a yacht from a schooner.
5. feeding baby ducks by hand after kayaking great long pond.
6. visiting swans island, nearly falling off the ferry, being locked out of the museum, picking out houses for my characters to live in, getting a private library tour, and trying to break into the lighthouse.
7. befriending an inhabitant of swans island who willingly told me everything i needed for my novel.
8. cuddling lobsters and then eating them.
9. visiting college of the atlantic.
10. cooking one last delicious dinner for the man who’d cooked dinner for us all week.
11. realizing that all of my preconceptions about maine were wrong and that i need to rewrite about ¾ths of my book.
leaving tomorrow, bright and early.