Tuesday, December 28, 2010

book shipments and amazon reviews.

i got an email from the publisher stating that the books i've ordered (all 101 of them) have finally shipped! so for those of you who ordered through me, worry not, i haven't forgotten. it takes a long time to process, print, and bind all the books. shipping should only take a few days and since i'm on break i've nothing else to do except get these written in and shipped out to you guys as quickly as possible. i'll let you know when they arrive at my house.

also, if you haven't heard, my book is available on amazon! and barnes and noble! and should be available for ibook and on many other sites very soon.

amazon paperback: click me
amazon ebook: click me
barnes and noble ebook: click me

the best part is that i have my first ever official review, and i didn't even write it! it's on the amazon ebook item. someone thinks i'm quirky! i didn't know i was quirky, though i aspire to be. thanks to whoever sent me the stars (and on b&n, too). it's much appreciated. i'd considered rating myself (i'm not above that, see) but i'm too lazy to make the required account in order to do so.

well, at least i'm honest.

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