Monday, December 20, 2010

the printing process and return addresses.

i received an email last night from fastpencil! (you can click to enlarge.)

tl;dr: the books are being printed! both shipments of 50! i'm glad there's a little bit of processing time because we caught THREE FREAKING TYPOS, and two were (of course) within the first five pages, haha. thanks to devin, an anonymous formspringer, and aaron for being my eyes. fastpencil allows you to go back and edit, which i did, so hopefully the changes will be reflected in these copies. for everyone else...just pretend you have a super rare, limited edition copy. sigh.

because it takes a fair amount of time to process, print, bind, and ship the books, i've been trying to be productive while i wait. unfortunately, the only thing i can truly do is...write return addresses on 100 bubble mailer envelopes!

the excitement of my life impresses even me.

i figured it would be easy to knock out (like marathon training for my hand) but i cramped up after about...fifteen. (weak.) aaron took pity on me and helped out, and after awhile i began to experiment with different handwriting. i then brought some to my parents' house to see if they'd help, but they just laughed and printed me off some mailing labels. those seemed impersonal, so i stuck some spongebob and various fuzzy dolphin stickers on a few to jazz things up.

the moral of the story is: i wish my printer had ink, and trying to write 100 little notes is going to be pure insanity.

at least the envelopes are all done!

my storing methods are efficient.

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